Tips on How to Hide Man Boobs

For many people, man boobs are a badger origin of self-loathing and shame. There are various reasons as to why they appear. Often they grow due to imbalance production of hormone Gynecomastia that stimulates the production of estrogen, which is responsible for the growth of breast tissues. In other occasions, they can grow because of higher intake of alcohol and fatty foods.

Away from the origin, boobs’ can make you suspicious about our excellent options. After all, it is rigid to be comfortable and find confident with them in your chest. So you will try to cover them up, and this article gives you the best tips on how to hide man boobs that will help you regain the sartorial confidence.

Top tips on how to hide men boobs

Avoid fitting vest

Expertise suggests that one should avoid extremes when it comes to fitness. Something tight will stimulate curves formation in your chest, but using the correct size will provide the best. It is recommended that you give your chest a small room away from the cloth (but not a bigger space that will make you look like you are wearing downs.) If possible, get easements that get your waist and the shoulder the right area.

Use well-aerated cloths

The speaking clothes make a perfect choice because they provide space for proper air in and out. Estrogens that are responsible for the growth of breast tissue growth and multiply faster in the absence of oxygen. So wearing clothes that are sliced and do not allow oxygen entrance to the chest increases the possibility of breast tissue to grow. Choose from heavy and denser fabric with sheer holes will be the best type to buy the fitting and less small sizes will expose them. Heavier weaves like oxford cloth or twill are the best options than the thin poplin. You can also try out gynecomastia compression shirt.

Clothes colors

Bright colors like white are more likely to show the boobs shadows than the dull colors like Grey number or blue. The drab colors usually provide the best blending shade that no one can notice the presence of the breast. The darker tones are the best because they not only flatter but also give the correct pose if you fell, you cannot avoid bright colors then consider choosing the right types.

Cloth details

Having some capturing pictures or somewritings on the chest draw the attention of people to the chest. Which, can make the breast to be noticed which is not good in our case. The point here is to choose clothes that draw no attention to your chest try and keep the people’s eyes away from your chest. Buy regular wearing clothes. However, you can still get some visual trickery of buying clothes with illusory effect, which will help to draw the eye pattern and not the body shape.


The last resort you can apply is a compression formula whereby you put the vest, which is, suppresses the massive chest under the all-day clothes. This will scoop the neck and whit the boobs down by doing this they can hardly be seen. Practicing all given tips from the context, you find your problem sorted out.