Buying Guide For Eyelash Extensions

As we all know, beauty lies in the eyes, and for this reason, the beauty of your eyes matters a great deal. Moreover, eyelashes are principal parts of the eyes, and they need an honorable mention when it comes to overall eye beauty. That is why we have eyelash extensions to pick to add beauty to the eyes. Now, if you are looking for eyelash extensions, you should make sure that you get the best ones for your eyes. Here are a few guidelines that will help you.


Work With An Expert

Never work with quacks when it comes to the beauty of your eyes. In addition, you need to get the fine details of each and every step of the process. A little mistake will go a long way, and it is thus important to exercise caution. Indeed, with some applications, only specialized beauticians are allowed to give advice and recommendations.

Choose Your Favorite Styles

asdasdsaIt is worth noting that there are various eyelash extensions that you can choose to accentuate the beauty of your eyes. Thus, it is ideal to ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, and experts in the lash extension business before you make your decision. Once you pick your best style, choose the lash material that you like, depending on your preference.

Pick Your Favorite From The List Of Available Materials

You can choose from various eyelash materials. You can choose the synthetic material for instance. Additionally, matte, ombre, silk blend, and feather lash are other lash materials that you can choose. If your natural eyelashes are not as bountiful as you like, you can choose the volume lash to make them appear full.

Consider What Exactly Your Eyes Should Look Like After The Extension

On top of the conventional eyelash styles, you also need to determine how the eyelashes will be applied to your eyes to get the desired look. For instance, you may want to have flirtations and fluttering eyes. In this case, the best style for you is the coquette style where the lash extensions are concentrated at the outer edges of your eyes. On the other hand, if you want to give your eyes an innocent look, choose the Boho style. In this style, shorter lash extensions are applied at the corners of the eyes while longer ones are applied at the middle.

Tips For Buying The Right Hair Extensions

A well-maintained hair is beneficial in achieving a beautiful face and enhancing the general appearance of the body. Hair extensions are used by adding the length of the short hair. This means that you do not have to get worried when you have a short hair. Again, with the hair extensions, you do not have to wait for the short hair to grow. There are a variety of extensions which you can choose from.

The process of choosing the right hair can be challenging one, especially for the first time buyers. You should consult an experienced hairstylist when choosing your hair. These are people who will advise you on using the best hair product and choosing the right hair. Below are some of the tips which should be adopted whey buying hair extensions

Human hair

You should ensure that the product purchased is 100% human hair. There are some products in the market which are made using synthetic stuff, most of which have been treated to resemble the natural hair. However, the natural hair is known for lasting for a longer time than the synthetic one. Again your heat cannot be used on synthetic hair.

Seamless extensions

These are types of hair extensions which are supposed to be put near your head. Extreme care should be taken to avoid placing them near the hairline. This is an extension which provides an illusion of the real hair. They are applied in the same direction as the real hair to enable its strands to flow just like the real hair. With this hair, you cannot use heat or any other tools. Your hair is therefore protected from any potential damage caused by heating.

Matching the extensions with your hair colour

The hair extension companies have come up with extensions which have different colours. However, some people make a mistake of buying hair extensions which do not match with their hair colour. You are supposed to pick the best colour which matches that of your shade.


Remy extensions

Remy extensions have provided the best method of bundling the natural a hair. This has made it easier in maintaining the direction of your roots and the ends of your hair. This hair has made it on this list because it is considered as a healthy hair. This is attributed to the process of picking these extensions, which involves picking one by one extension. This is helpful in maintaining the entire shape of the strands.